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All About Emergency Power System

Various facilities use Emergency Power Systems in numerous capacities. These systems allow facilities to conduct business as usual during power outages. An electrician nj based said the cost of implementing an Image result for generators which run on natural gasEPS depends on the level of construction needed, the type of technology used and the voltage capacity.

For example, a low voltage, low tech generator at street level is cheaper compared to a high voltage, high tech generator on an upper floor. The best way to find a specific idea about the cost of implementation is to consult a generator service provider.

The cost of fueling your generator will depend on the type of fuel it uses and how the generator receives the fuel. Most of the commercial generators use natural gas or diesel while others use both when equipped with a Bi-fuel system which replaces some percentage of diesel fuel with natural gas.

Natural gas is less expensive than diesel. However, generators which run on natural gas are usually more expensive than those which use diesel. If you need high capacity generators, it is a good idea to equip your diesel generator with a Bi-fuel system which can receive gas from an interruptible gas supply.

Because of their rigid construction and adaptable technology, industrial generators can even last for decades before being replaced. Some of the things that determine the life span of the generator are things like retrofits. A generator receiving retrofits will last for a longer period of time compared to one that runs without retrofits.

Another factor that affects the life span of the generator is the level of maintenance it receives. Generators Image result for generators which run on natural gasthat receive regular maintenance will usually last for a longer period of time compared to those that don’t.

The most important maintenance practice is the power transfer switch maintenance. The transfer switches can either be categorized as manual or automatic. The switch should be monitored for oxidization, corrosion, and loose parts on a monthly basis.

A load bank is a very important device that creates an electrical load and sends it to another electrical device for testing or exercising the latter. There are four types of load banks which include capacitive, resistive, inductive and electronic.

The load banks can be rented from industrial electrical solution providers to test the operating voltage of the generators. They can be used once or twice a year for testing purposes.

Infrared testing uses infrared technology to scan thermal characteristics of electrical gears sensing whether the thermal emissions are within the normal range or whether there is a presence of hot spots which could signal early problems. This form of testing can also be used to identify loose parts that need to be tightened.