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How To Avoid Emergency Plumbing At Home

Some people can fix their own plumbing, but most of us have to call an emergency plumber each time a pipe bursts or a simple faucet repair. Nonetheless, even skilled homeowners can live the nightmare of seeing their house flooded due to old or poorly installed plumbing. This can easily occur if you don’t have shutoffs for each bathroom and for the kitchen. It’s essential to have shutoff valves and know very well what they control. This is going to allow you to react very fast in case of emergency. Once you manage to cut off the water, you can start gathering your tools and thinking about possible solutions to fix the problems. On the contrary, if your system is poorly designed, you may encounter a lot of difficulties in shutting off the water. In case of minor leaks this might not be a huge problem, but a major damage can easily turn into a big mess. Your floors are going to be affected by the water. It is also possible that the basement gets flooded, thus creating a good environment for mold and mildew to develop.

In order to avoid emergency plumbing at home, you should consider undergoing regular check ups and maintenance of all pipes, toilets, faucets and drainage systems. Besides, if your plumbing is old, you should consider replacing it. Modern solutions are much better than old ones. New materials and technologies make these systems more durable. In addition, their maintenance is going to be much easier. You should be aware of the placement of all valves. They might be hidden behind access panels. If this is your case, you need to know how to remove these panels quickly. You should also know where your main house shutoff is, so that you can access it instantly in case of emergency. Moreover, you have to make sure the route to the shutoff is not obstructed by anything, as you may need to sprint there someday.

As a general rule, the main thing to do in order to avoid the chaos is to head off problems before they become too big to manage. This is going to buy you some valuable time. Besides, fixing minor flaws is always cheaper than major repairs. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore minor problems, even if your personal opinion is that they can wait for a little longer. You can never know when it’s going to be too late.